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How to become a successful blogger in Instagram: a complete guide

We tell in detail, with figures, personal stories and links to tools on how to become a blogger in Instagram – even if you now have ten Followers and you almost do not know how to use this social network.

How to choose a theme for your blog

To determine the audience of your page and interest people from the first visit to the account, determine one topic for the blog: fashion, travel, food, motherhood or something else.

Here are a few ways to find a topic for Instagram account:

1. Find what you are good at

Only at first glance in your life there is nothing interesting, because you live every day in this city, go to work and you have a hobby. And surely your environment is similar to you: it leads a similar lifestyle and works in the same industry. But for outsiders, your routine can be interesting.

2. Select the case you want to study

If you do not like to talk about everyday life, find a topic that interests you for a long time: sports, cooking, painting, even if you do not understand anything about it. This is a good opportunity to understand the topic and become a blogger.

The success story of a beginner will cause readers to empathy – it’s easier for people to associate themselves with people who, like themselves, are afraid of something and make mistakes.

3. Look at your subscriptions

Another way to choose a topic for a blog is to analyze what content you are reading. With this theme you will definitely be interested to work.

And do not be embarrassed if hundreds of people are already talking about an interesting topic. Almost everything has been invented, but this does not mean that no one will want to hear another story – yours.

Registration of an account in Instagram

Change the profile description, avatar and selected stories so that visitors immediately understand who you are, and what your page is about.

Usually they write in bio: name, city, age. A few lines about work, hobbies and the topic of posts.

Make line breaks so that the profile header looks neater.

Avoid a hood unless it is an artistic device. And do not overdo with emoji. Proper registration of an account in Instagram is almost half the success for promotion.

Specify one link: on your site, page in another social network or telegram channel. You can not select one link, use the link.tree service.


The unspoken law Instagram – photos in the account must be combined with each other. Some reach fanaticism and do dozens of photographs with objects of the same color and the same treatment.

In practice, it is enough to stick to one style and color scheme. It is important that the images do not look randomly.

ColorKer: Determine the main color of your account

Preview: Check how the photos will look in your account before publishing.

Show only high-quality pictures (of course, artistic ideas are an exception). In Instagram, too much competition to hope for attention to smeared, grainy frames shot on the camera of the old phone.

Create interesting photos.

The personal account and the blogger account are different in content. Everyday photos are also good, but will they be looked upon by strangers? Think, would you be interested in such a photo with the participation of another person?

If you keep memories in Instagram and it is important for you to share some experiences with life with your friends, start and complete the second profile, personal.

At this point, you may find that you can not take pictures. This is fixable: there are free lessons on YouTube and Skillshare.

Processing photos for Instagram

Still need to learn how to handle. Lessons are in Instagram and on YouTube. Processing is a serious topic for the audience of this social network.

Processing lessons from well-known bloggers even sell, this rate usually costs 1-2 thousand dollars.
Non-budget promotion

1. Traffic from other social networks

When creating a new page, the easiest (and obvious, but still telling!) Way is to invite Followers from other social networks and ask friends who have been in Instagram for a long time to mark your new account.

All free stories are usually a trick, and advancing to Instagram is no exception. Almost all methods have several serious “Buts.” We will tell you about everything that is, and decide whether to apply these methods yourself.

2. Masslaying and mass-scale in Instagram

Remember the joke “Only Institutes Followe to me at Instagram”? This is a mass-weighting – automatic subscription to a large number of accounts. So do not only commercial profiles, but also people’s accounts.

The program for performing mass-targeting actions in Instagram will cost about 700-1000 dollars. The cloud version will require such an amount once a month, and the application that will be installed on your computer – at a time, when buying. True, the computer will have to be kept on for the program to work.

Cons of the method: after the subscriptions you need to unFollowe, this causes a negative. You can get a ban if you break limits on the number of actions per hour (they change, look for up-to-date information about limits before launching promotion).

Mass Liking – automatic distribution of likes. You certainly were a “victim” of the likes of suspicious profiles – this is the massaging in Instagram. A more native method, but still refers to spam.

3. Activity Chats

Bloggers come together in groups to help each other. Not only advice, but also activity in the account, because it affects the ranking.

In the activity chats, people mutually enjoy and comment on each other’s posts. Such comments are easy to calculate: they are uncomplicated (“Cool Picture”, “You’re Super”), and the authors keep repeating themselves.

4. Contests and SFS

With quality content and luck, you can get a free mention from the major bloggers.

They arrange contests or sfs (shout for shout, photo for a photo): Followers are divided into accounts by any photo of the organizer and mark it.

After that, the blogger chooses accounts among the members who liked him, and publishes a photo of them in his profile or in the “stories”.

5. Hashtags

In 2010, promotion through hashtagWe was topical. Today, after the subscription to the hashtag, the method again has a chance.

But there is no proven algorithm of action yet. Test different hashtags in publications and compare the stats for posts with hashtags and without: perhaps the output to the top by some tag will bring a new audience.

6. Going to the top / recommendations

This is the most realistic way to get free Followers in Instagram. Hit in the recommendation brings from a couple of tens to several thousand Followers from one post.

But getting into the top is not easy. There are different theories about how the algorithms of its formation work (and the official information about this Instagram does not disclose).

The most popular and inspiring confidence – the way out is influenced only by the reactions that the photo receives in the recommendations. That is, it does not matter how much post attention received on your page.

Instagram shows his small sample of people in the “Recommendations”, and if they are interested, then shows the rest.

In the top are photos that attract from a distance and cause the desire to see the photo completely. Therefore here often there are pictures of type “Before / After”, pictures with red arrows.