Instagram video views count

Before becoming popular in European countries

Instagram passed the usual path of development of the trend: distrust, and then universal acceptance. In August 2014, he bypassed Twitter on mobile traffic.

This fascinating social network draws the whole world, annually more than 50 million photographs and pictures are uploaded to users’ pages.

Some users manage to put really high-quality pictures that are of interest to other people. They attract attracted followers – and where there is a mass audience, money is spinning. This I lead to the fact that in Instagram you can earn, and even very good.

Here are some useful tips to help you make an online store in Instagram. Consider them, and you will succeed.

6 tips for opening an online store in Instagram
Decide what you will promote.

Mostly, through the Instagram, goods of the category “Beauty and Fashion” are sold well. But it must be something new, not like competitors.

Look for inspiration. Find a successful store and try to understand what is the key to its success. Just do not copy ideas, just look for inspiration.

Make a memorizing logo. If you can not make the logo yourself – contact the graphic designer.

Create an interesting account.

The user name must be not only unique, but also short and easy to pronounce. On the profile of your profile, be sure to put the store logo.

Complete your profile. Enter a brief description of the store, do not forget to specify email and phone number.

Upload images and fill out product descriptions. Make sure that the photos are quality, and the information is reliable. You can specify payment and delivery methods.

Every day Instagram users publish almost 60 million posts and put on the likes on average 2.7 billion times. Among all this, a lot of advertising.

You probably noticed the accounts with the names of online stores – I’ll reveal the secret, they promote the instagram-accounts using methods tested on other social networks, by the type of mass-laying or mass-following.

The first method is when users (or bots) massively like photos of the company, and the second – when added to friends. In both cases, marketers are hoping for a response from people.

Once these options worked, but now mass-following stopped the social network itself. If the number of additions to friends exceeds the specified limit, the account is blocked for a certain period of time.

You probably saw an advertisement with suggestions, how to promote an online store in Instagram paid? I’ll tell you how to cope with this task without investment.