How to increase instagram views of profile?

Paid promotion in Instagram

With the budget for promotion it will go faster and become a well-known blogger easier.

But if the waste of large sums is not included in your plans, spend the money competently: study the possible channels of promotion, and after the placement of advertising evaluate their effectiveness.

1. Accommodation with other bloggers

On the advice of opinion leaders, more loyal people will come to you than from targeted advertising. Bloggers place links to other accounts in Stories or in the main account. Mentioned in the stories look more native and are cheaper.

Pick up pages with a similar audience and find out the pricings of the owners. Discuss the details: how you will be presented, how long the announcement will be.

Record the number of Followers before advertising and the day after. The difference between these figures is the approximate number of people who came from advertising.

If you know how much an average person Followes to you on a day (this is an organic gain for which you do not do anything), subtract this number.

Divide the cost of advertising by the number of visitors – you will know the price of one Follower.

On it, compare the effectiveness of advertising with different bloggers. At first it is better not to take several placements at the same time to objectively evaluate each site.

2. Targeted advertising

Another option for paid promotion is the official advertisement of Instagram. You pay to ensure that your posts are shown in the tape not only from your Followers, but also from a new audience.

By the way, your Followers can also see the advertisement. Do not be surprised at friends’ questions about why you are advertising yourself – and you probably are waiting for such questions.)

Advantages before advertising from bloggers – the promotion of posts can be turned off at any time. For example, a blog post costs 200 dollars.

You gave this amount and wait for the effect. And in targeting, you set up ads, spent a small amount, for example, 20 dollars. We evaluated the result.

If he did not suit you, they turned off advertising, if everything is in order, they increased the budget.