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The stories in which you wake up famous, happen rarely.

Therefore, in order to assess whether your actions bring a result, you will have to use the analytics in Instagram, which will show the expanded data on the statistics of the account.

What metrics should be tracked

Surely you are looking for a certain number of Followers. At first glance, this indicator objectively speaks about the popularity of your page.

But with the introduction of the algorithmic tape it all became not so simple: in an audience that does not see your publications, there is no point.

Therefore, coverage becomes important: the actual number of users who see the post.

Involvement is the criterion for the success of content. This includes likes and comments.

Watch for the growth of ER, the coefficient of involvement. You can count it in two ways (and they are both very simple!):

ER relative to Followers = average number of interactions at posts / number of Followers * 100%.

ER relative to coverage = number of interactions per post / coverage of this post * 100%

View statistics

Instagram gives detailed account statistics. To see it, enable the business profile (Settings – Go to Business Profile). You will get access to the statistics of the page and the statistics of each post.

Thus, it is impossible to evaluate the statistics of competitors. Third-party services will help. For example,

He will find the most popular posts, count ER, compare accounts among themselves.

You can peep topics that receive a lot of comments: analyze the account, similar to yours, in Popsters and filter the posts by the number of comments. At the top there will be posts in which there was a most active discussion.

How much do bloggers earn?

The section for those who read this article, was waiting for information when it would be possible to leave everything and go to travel at the expense of hotels, tour operators or clothing brands. 😉


Beginners often receive proposals for barter. Or they even look for such offers themselves. In exchange for a post or a story, they receive a thing.

The placement conditions are discussed in advance: what will happen in the post (the text and the photo should be prepared by yourself, only by approving the content), which account will be marked.

Sometimes advertisers agree to an honest opinion and do not moderate the publication at all.

You can find suggestions about barter in Facebook thematic groups or on stock exchanges, for example top russian bloggers .

How much does the blog post Instagram cost?

The price is very different – from 1000 rubles to millions, in the accounts of the stars.

The price is influenced by the popularity of the account and its subjects – the less often and the more valuable the audience (for example, motorists), the more expensive the publication.

Find out the prices of other bloggers can be a trick: write in direct on behalf of the advertiser. Or on stock exchanges, although the prices there may be inaccurate.

When will the first advertisers appear?

Precisely to predict it is difficult: you will notice either brand managers, or employees of advertising agencies. Register on the exchanges to get the first orders from there.

As a rule, they are ready to pay for advertising in profiles with an audience of 10 000 Followers with activity ranging from 1500-2000 likes to the post and active, live (not one-word) discussions.

We also asked how to become a blogger with the most bloggers.

Step-by-step algorithm: how to become an Instagram-blogger from scratch

Choose the topic of the account.

Learn how to take pictures and process pictures.

To become a blogger, namely successful, it is necessary to create high-quality content.

Engage in promoting your account. Choose free ways (invite friends from other social networks, include mass-massaging or mass-mailing, join chats of activity, participate in sfs, try to get to the top recommendations, test hashtags) or paid (placement of bloggers, targeted advertising) promotion.

Analyze the audience’s reaction to the content, in order to understand which way to develop.

Communicate with the audience, initiate activity.

Continue to work on your profile.

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