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We are promoting the blog in Instagram

Who reads novice bloggers? That’s right, no one :). Therefore, without losing a second, we begin to act. Now I’ll tell you how to become a famous blogger in instagram if you do not have any Followers at all.

Choose the right time for your publications.

The most suitable time is 8-10 in the morning, when people gather and go to work, as well as lunch and 10 pm.

Try not to post from 18 to 20, because this is the most active time, and your record will very quickly be at the bottom of the tape.

A big role in the promotion of the account is played by hashtags, which should be put under all their publications.

Be sure to create your own personal hashtag, through which people can control all posts about your brand. The most optimal number of tags – 5-6, of which a couple will be personal, and the rest – popular. They will help a potential audience to find you among users of Instagram.

A very effective way to promote a new blog is to comment on the toppers. How it works? Just!

We Followe to all popular bloggers of our subjects and leave qualitative semantic comments under all their publications.

And even if your comment is ignored, several people in any case will come to you on the page to find out what kind of clever commentator.

Ideally, you will notice the author and mark in some kind of his post. On the ways to promote blogs, you can write whole dithyrambs, but even if you read this article, you have not achieved the planned heights, do not despair, you can always go through a video course on the promotion of the blog.

What should you do to make a blog profitable?

More than half of people using the Internet, learn about products and services from the social platform Instagram.

Accordingly, selling something has become much easier. You can promote any product without spending a single penny for advertising. From you only desire and perseverance is required.

You can sell things, make-up, handmade items and anything you want. If you do not have anything to trade, then you can “earn” on yourself.

For this it is enough to be an interesting person. In this case, your page will work according to the principle of the magazine – you will only need to place advertising among your publications.

The price of such advertising will depend directly on the number of your Followers.

It’s especially easy to advertise beauty bloggers in instagram, because they publish posts about how to become more attractive, and what cosmetics are best used, which expands the audience of advertisers.

And now envy:

the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who has more than 51 million readers in Instagram, earns about 230 thousand euros on every blog post. There is much to strive for, is not it?

If you are seriously fired up and decided to create your blog in Instagram, then for general development you can look at the step-by-step lessons about earnings on the Internet.

We hope this article will help you become well-known insta bloggers. Followe to our blog and share interesting content with your friends.